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MedAct Business Manager is an innovative business analytics solution delivering a 360o view of your business focused on streamlining operations and illuminating future growth opportunities. Business Manager is a true 3rd generation business analytics solution that combines data aggregation, predictive analytics, and cutting edge visualization. Business Manager allows managers to cut through the mountain of data generated in their business to measure what matters, focus on profitable business, and plan for the future.

Data Aggregation
Business Manager can combine data from the MedAct business management system and your financial system to deliver unprecedented visibility into your business. Unlike 1st or 2nd generation business reporting tools that pull information from a single database, Business Manager blends multiple databases and provides visibility to key metrics such as gross profit, gross margin, operating expense, net profit, balance sheet and cash flow analysis. Business Manager delivers a holistic view of your company’s performance.

Predictive Analytics
Business Manager is built on time-tested analytical science used by thousands of organizations around the world. The predictive analytics engine allows managers to forecast future outcomes based on past performance. Additionally, scenario planning allows managers to change forecasts and immediately understand outcomes based on cause-and-effect relationships of key business variables. HME managers considering payer mix changes, new retail expansions, product mix changes, allowable changes, sales volume fluctuations, etc. can model the impacts to their business in seconds. Business Manager cuts through the clutter and helps chart a path to the future.

Data Visualization
Business Manager is a SaaS model and is accessed via a web browser. State-of-the-art web visualization technologies provide an easy and intuitive user experience. Business Manager delivers unique and interactive reports, graphs, and data correlations allowing managers to instantly understand where to focus energies to achieve productive business outcomes.

360o of Visibility
MedAct Business Manager is first to exclusively deliver true 360o business visibility for the HME industry. Business Manager shows where your business has been, where it is today, and where it will be in the future. Due to its dynamic business logic and sophisticated user interface, HME managers can roll up and drill down from summary information to specific transactions in seconds and access information from multiple angles such as patient, payer, product, and location. Business Manager delivers complete financial visibility by combining your financial database, such as QuickBooks, with information from the MedAct business management system. Business Manager puts you in the driver’s seat with 360o visibility to your business.

Access Anytime…Anywhere
MedAct Business Manager is a SaaS solution with access via a secure web browser. Business Manager is always available and is deployed in a cloud service that is fully redundant, scalable and secure. Web based access allows HME managers easy and secure availability when, where and by whatever device they want. Desktops, notebooks, ultrabooks, tablets, mobile phones can access Business Manager via a browser and Internet connection. Business Manager keeps you in touch with your business.

My Company

My Company is a personalized mission control center presenting live tiles of key information. Personalize My Company through drag and drop of tiles representing key performance metrics. Instantly understand your company’s performance against targets focused on financial, workflow and productivity measurements.


Financial Analysis

MedAct Business Manager provides unparalleled visibility to your company’s financial position. By combining your accounting and business management system, Business Manager provides 360o of detailed financial analysis and financial reports such as Income Statements, Balance Sheets and Cash Flows. Immediately understand your company’s key financial measurements such as current working capital, cash balance, revenue, gross margin/profit, COGS, A/R , and A/P. Business Manager makes it easy to visualize operational cause and financial effect.

Financial Analysis

Workflow Analyzer™

MedAct Business Manager Workflow Analyzer™ tracks, measures and visualizes your company’s operating workflow, working capital and DSO. From quote to posted claims Workflow Analyzer™ keeps track and ages every patient transaction in your workflow at various way stations along the path to final posting. Simply click on the various way stations to analyze the transactions via an easy to use scatter analysis. Your workflow is now totally transparent and visible allowing managers to take corrective action to relieve bottlenecks for patient care and final payment.

Visualized Workflow

In Depth Claims Analysis

Business Manager delivers robust and intuitive claims analysis for total visibility to transactions. Managers become more productive by focusing on top denials and rejections sorted by product, payer, patient, and location. If you want to know the top products or payers that have rejections or denials, the answers are just clicks away with MedAct Business Manager.

In Depth Claims Analysis

Productivity Reporter

MedAct Business Manager Productivity Reporter illuminates your company’s efficiency via integrated top/bottom analysis, labor production, and claim effectiveness. Top/Bottom analysis visualizes the top & bottom performers based on product, payer, patient, doctor, and location. Claims production is tracked to help illuminate areas of success and focus to streamline operations.

Productivity Reporter

Forecasting & Scenario Planning

Being an HME business owner and operator can be a challenge if you don’t know where your business is headed. Business Manager solves this challenge through time and industry tested predictive analytics. With Business Manager, you can forecast your future by understanding where you have been in the past. If you plan on making changes to your business, Business Manager’s integrated scenario planning capabilities provide molding tools allowing you to change key business variables and understand financial and operational impact. Business Manager lets you plan a profitable future.

Forecasting & Scenario Planning
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