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MedAct’s billing management design ensures that charges and payments are compliant with reimbursement guidelines and that claim submissions contains all the specifications required by Medicare, Medicaid and private payers. Documentation management, financial reimbursement and processing claims are made easier with MedAct as all the information needed is in one place. MedAct provides instant access to patient demographics, clinical documentation, schedule information, charges and payments to effortlessly process claims for multiple insurance plans, billing formats and fee schedules. MedAct integrates seamlessly with financial management systems with the MedAct QuickBooks or Peachtree Modules. Together, you get the total financial picture of your DME business with general ledger, accounts payable and balance sheets with MedAct and third party accounting software solutions.

Collections management is supported by MedAct with Collect Plus integration with AR Allegiance. This combined solution supports the transfer of accounts to collection status based upon your criteria. Collections support helps you manage your cash flow and it’s all within MedAct.

MedAct helps you streamline the billing process. Automatic claims submission helps you get paid faster as MedAct removes the manual processes of printing and mailing claims. MedAct enables you to produce accurate claims as it helps you find and fix errors prior to submission. ERN’s are automatically posted to patient accounts that reconcile insurance payments and charges. MedAct removes the manual processes of entering payments.

MedAct makes order management easy as it controls the generation of multiple categories of sales, services and rentals. Order entry is a seamless process that helps coordinate scheduling of recurring orders, electronic claims processing, invoice generation, bar coding and scanning to achieve the status of a completed order.

MedAct alerts and creates work orders to pick up recalled equipment, service oxygen concentrators and to service or replace other equipment. Monitoring compliance for sleep study patients is managed within MedAct.

MedAct streamlines the billing process with the flexibility to produce both electronic and paper claims. The days of printing, sorting and mailing paper claims are long past. Electronic claims are completed quickly which means you get paid faster.

MedAct offers instant verification of patient eligibility. This means that upfront collection of the patient portion can be performed. Never experience a rejected claim as MedAct checks electronic filings prior to submission for incorrect or missing information. MedAct has a built in audit trail to ensure that claims have been processed and provides real time claim status. All of this is available in MedAct for quick payment turnover which leads to an increase in cash flow.

The DME Claims Status Inquiry access (CSI) allows you to simply connect to check the Certificate of Medical Necessity (CMN) to view same and similar. The result is increased productivity because you access the Medicare information you need in seconds. Plus, you can view Medicare eligibility, claim payment, and claim history through it.

MedAct automatically posts payments received to eliminate manually entering payments. This process eliminates errors associated with manual reconciliation. MedAct automatically sends the EOB to secondary payers which helps facilitate a quicker return of payments. MedAct has the capability to produce a detailed audit trail that extends from intake, order creation, invoice generation and posting for financial insight. This helps reconcile payments, charges and identifies problem areas within the billing process.

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