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Q. How can I use my back up software with MedAct?
A. Create a script prior to running a back up.

   -Click ‘Start’, click Run and type CMD, press enter or click OK.
    Navigate to the MedAct Sybase Directory, default is: c:\MedAct\ASA\Win32 directory.

   -Type in the following command 
    dbbackup -c "DSN=DESSQL;UID=(MedActUserName);PWD=(UserPassword)" C:\DESBACKUP

   -You may need to modify the paths above to correspond to where you actually have the program and database installed

   -This will create a copy of the DESDATA.DB & DESDATA.LOG files in the C:\DESBACKUP directory on the local server.
    This command can be added to a batch file and run previous to the backup cycle.  Refer to backup software
    documentation about performing this operation.

Q. How can I start the MedAct SQL server automatically?
A. At the server location, you can run the SQL service automatically by:

   -MedAct version 4.2 or higher is required.

   -Click your start button, click Run and type CMD, press enter or click OK.

   -Navigate to the MedAct Sybase Directory, default is: c:\MedAct\ASA\Win32 directory.

   -Enter the command: dbsvc -as -w MedActSQL "c:\medact\asa\win32\dbsrv9.exe" -n DESDATA

   -You may need to modify the paths above to correspond to where you actually have the program and database installed.     This will create a Service called "Adaptive Server Anywhere - MedActSQL"

   -Change to “Automatic”

   -Close the running MedAct SQL Server

   -Reboot the Server or start the Service.  The MedAct SQL Server will automatically start.

   -Consult your support or IT staff as needed.

Q. What do I do when I cannot access MedAct?
Check these steps:

   -Ensure that the SQL Server Database has started.

   -Check system and server for a firewall or router that can block the network connection.

   -Receive “maximum number of users exceeded” message. Check your system for number of users. Click the SQL icon and     choose restore.

Q. How do I reset or change a password in MedAct?
A. A MedAct administrator can set up permissions to select a password. In order to change a password go to:


   -User Maintenance

   -Select ‘User’

   -Right click to set User defaults

   -Change or Enable User Settings

Q. What do I do when I am unable to transmit to CEDI and receive a Protocol Failure?
A. Submit a zip file when prompted in the CEDI transmission. Transmit a smaller batch file or try to transmit not during peak      times between 3:00-5:00 EST. Confirm that the username used has authority to perform this action.

Q. What do I do when my transmission is interrupted by CEDI?
A. Select ‘disconnect’ and close EDI window then “Build File” to resubmit.

Q. Why am I getting an abort reason while creating a batch, “you must enter a first name for doctor id (0); you must      enter a last name for doctor id (0)”
Generate the Pending Submission Detail report and search for an Invoice without a Doctor attached. If you have an      Advance Beneficiary Notice attached, make sure it is on the second document.

Q. Which labels are recommended for the bar code scanner?
A. Labels with 1 x 3 or 2 x 4 dimensions will work with the Eltron or Brother Scanner.

Q. How do I delete a required document out of a price level?
A. Highlight the field and ‘control-backspace’ to remove the document out of the price level.

Q. How do I install a new MedAct release?
A. To install MedAct, please perform the following steps in the order listed:

   -Prior to performing the software update, verify all users are logged out of MedAct.

   -You will need your dba password. Verify you are able to login to MedAct using the dba user and corresponding password.     Your system administrator will have the logon information.

   -Perform a backup of your MedAct database (desdata.db and desdata.log) using your normal backup procedures. Verify     the backup is complete before performing the next steps.

   -All Single-User systems must perform the following steps.

   -Download MedActServer.exe on the server system only. This update will install all reports to the database path as well     as upgradesql. Be careful selecting the path to ensure the reports are installed correctly. The installation will start     UPGRADESQL.EXE upon completion.

         -Make sure all databases are started. You will need your dba password to complete this step. UpgradeSQL will only be           installed on this system.

         -For ease of use, this update includes the MedActUpdate.exe workstation install in the server path. The default           path is <server>\database\client_install

   -Install MedActUpdate.exe on each workstation / client from the server path

-OPTIONAL STEP: Many customers use their server system also as a workstation / client. If you have this configuration,            you will need to install MedActUpdate.exe on the server in order to update the client software.

         -OPTIONAL STEP: If you have custom reports that have been added to MedAct, you will need to copy them from your            workstation’s <MedAct path>\Reports folder to the new <Database path>\Reports folder on the server. To determine            your server path, select Utility>System>Utilities>Display Server Path.

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